• Location: USA, California, Irvine
  • Date Posted: 27th Jul, 2020
  • Reference: a0M1i000000m0XoEAI

Job Description

Our client, a direct Salesforce end user in the Investment Banking industry, is seeking a hybrid role as a CRM Administrator/Business Analyst who is able to analyze, assess, plan, and coordinate activities related to the implementation and monitoring of our Salesforce CRM system. He/She will be able to translate business objectives into practical, end-user specific layouts and functionality, including but not limited to, dashboard set-up, setting up recurring jobs, reporting, and programming logic using Apex coding. Secondarily, the candidate will support the development and integration of software programs and applications into the organization's information systems outside of the Salesforce CRM. He/She will be responsible for developing, testing, and launching application modules and systems under development by in-house software development teams; further, the candidate will identify, address, and amend any software errors in a timely and accurate fashion. Proven problem solving skills, attention to details, and creativity will be essential to the candidate's success.

Role & Responsibilities
  • Work with business users to develop and establish firm specific layouts and functionality in Salesforce.com that will help the firm efficiently capture data such as sales leads, sales and terminations, new account information, business metrics and performance indicators. Help optimize workflow between and within departments by establishing workflow rules and follow-up notifications.
  • Assist in marketing efforts using Salesforce's sales functionality such as mass email campaigns
  • Establish reports and data summaries that help identify data entry errors, including incorrect format and data types; train end-users to minimize such errors
  • Manage set-up and update of new users and provision functionality based on business roles
  • Work with vendor and implementation consultants to keep up with upgrades and apps
  • Provide training in CRM and seek to establish buy-in from all users through internal marketing of the system
  • Help maintain consistent uptime in the integration of Salesforce with other system data done via batch processing
  • Analyze technical and business problems, which are of low to high complexity. Design efficient, effective solutions, which follow Development and Infrastructure standards and meet the business needs. Develop and maintain a high level of business and technical knowledge of all assigned systems. Maintain appropriate system documentation such that any team member could effectively perform the duties during one's absence.

Skills & Qualifications
  • 3-5 year's experience in Salesforce (Apex) a similar role with Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Salesforce (Apex) and associated investment management software solutions
  • Experience translating business user requirements into technical specifications
  • Implementation and development experience proving high-value, high-quality products with a short time.
  • Relevant knowledge of the investment management industry and experience working with various security types
  • Strong interpersonal skills, excellent formal and informal communication
  • Skills, innovative problem solving skills, and strong facilitation skills. Must be a forward-thinker and be able to anticipate downstream effects.
  • Ability to work under pressure, adhere to tight deadlines, and multitask.
  • Possess strong attention to detail and produce quality results.
  • Must demonstrate strong organizational and follow-up skills.
  • Experience with Microsoft platforms and development tools.
  • Experience with Visual Basic, C#, HTML/aspx.

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