• Ort: USA, New York, Armonk
  • Veröffentlicht am: 7th Feb, 2020
  • Reference: SFD420

Job description

Be a critical thinker: solve tough problems for the world's biggest brands, work together, and be relentless in ensuring successful outcomes for clients. Be a steward: look after each other and the company on our collective journey to success by being accountable, doing the right thing, and promoting a caring corporate culture. Be an underdog: be determined, crafty, spirited, resilient, and tenacious. Challenge conventional wisdom and refuse to take no for an answer.

Required Skill:

* 5+ years of overall IT solutions experience with 3+ years on Salesforce development experience.

* Mandatory to have experience with Service Cloud projects.

* Experience in Setting up & customizing Service cloud console and Developing custom console components and integrating with console.

* Experience in SFDC APIs, SOSL, SOQL, SOAP or REST based web services, SQL, XML, and JavaScript.

* Experience working with Salesforce communities, Apex, SOQL, Visual Force, Lightning, JavaScript, Eclipse IDE, WorkBench, Data Loader, Ant tool, Reports and Dashboards.

* Hands on experience with Apex programming and Visualforce pages coding.

* Strong knowledge of Salesforce Platform and is hands-on.

* Good understanding of integration and database.

* Certifications - Platform Developer 1, Platform Developer 2 (preferred).

Resources should be familiar with the following

1. Community Guest(Unauthenticated) vs. Community User(Authenticated) vs. Moderator Admin

2. Types of licenses available in a Community cloud.

3. Account Contact Relations (1 many, many many)

4. Data Model around Case Knowledge articles (__kav) Feed objects Product 2 User Administration

5. Handling Large Data Volumes Pagination. Lazy load offset, page limit

6. VS code

7. Types of User Profiles and Access (Basic User Full User Administrator Account)

8. Good Understanding with the Salesforce security concepts.

9. Objects, Custom objects, Profiles, Permission sets, Triggers, Apex classes, LWC.

10. Knowledge articles

11. Custom labels, Translation workbench

12. Caching Server side Client side Platform cache

13. Test classes best practices.

14. Apex trigger best practices.

15. Page variations

16. Guest Profile

17. Responsiveness

18. Community Object page Standard page Branding Force record Id(LC) Sharing set

19. Live agent Snap in (Service cloud implementations)

20. LWC LC Solid VF and APEX knowledge Lightning and UI capabilities Service Cloud data model, processes, and console integrations Community configurations and development of custom pages Knowledge and Forum data model and processes API Integration through REST Salesforce Development Life cycle to Deployment