Referenz: 20.06.2022

Digital Marketing Automation Engineer


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  • Developers Stelle
  • Fähigkeiten: Marketing Cloud, Javascript, SCRUM
  • Niveau: Junior


Digital Marketing Automation Engineer


Job Description

The Engineer of Digital Marketing Automation is in charge of analyzing business possibilities, creating solutions, and implementing high-quality capabilities that enable Digital teams to provide the desired business outcomes.

The marketing automation engineer will work with a cross-functional team to create engaging consumer journeys, bespoke presentation templates, and dynamic consumer audiences in order to cultivate a meaningful relationship with customers.

Role & Responsibilities

Collaboration with business stakeholders and team members to identify opportunities and translate them into platform capabilities.

Attend agile ceremonies on a regular basis and be able to present progress.

Utilize native platform features as well as the numerous studios to develop functionality in campaigns using the SFMC platform (journey, data, automation, audience, mobile, etc.).

Work with QA teams to fix errors and certify capabilities and products through unit testing.

Manage and track changes in SFMC (automations, journeys, reports) and troubleshoot as needed.

Assist with the development of custom applications that require the use of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud API and backend functionalities.

Assist in the creation of custom audiences or outputs by writing SQL statements for segmentation (must be able to write from scratch without using tools).

Assist with the scoping, troubleshooting, and upkeep of the project.

Skills & Qualifications

2+ years of Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience

HTML, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, SSJS, Ampscript, CSS, JSON

Experience developing responsive email templates for a variety of email programs and providers (Gmail, Outlook, Mobile, etc.)

Improved email deliverability is something you've done before. ReturnPath, SparkPost, Litmus, or other analytics tools experience.

Experience with email and/or marketing automation tools, as well as database integration.

Working knowledge of agile SCRUM management methods and technologies (Jira, Confluence, MS Teams/Slack, etc.)

It is preferable, but not needed, to be certified in Salesforce Marketing Cloudand/or to be a Marketing Cloud Consultant.

Enterprise-level experience with direct-to-consumer CRM.