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nCino Administrator

USA, Florida


nCino Administrator


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

* Create, manage and maintain objects, fields, formulas, validation rules, custom workflows and approval processes.
* Design, document, test and deploy fixes and enhancements to nCino objects, layouts, workflows, notifications, reports and dashboards.
* Work with project management and business units to gather, document, and prioritize necessary fixes and enhancements.
* Document and track business logic, workflow, and other customizations made within nCino.
* Document changes being deployed during the monthly release cycle.
* Work with other Salesforce administrators and/or third parties to ensure change sets are tested and deployed to production on schedule and with minimal user impact.
* Evaluate, document, and implement future releases of nCino.
* Ensure upcoming changes are properly documented and disseminated to the affected users and training staff.
* Ensure the training environment is kept in sync with the production environment.
* Assist support staff with troubleshooting and ticket resolution.
* Work with internal security to recommend role, profile, and hierarchy changes.
* Identity opportunities for application optimization, redesign, and development.

Required Skills:

* Excellent analytical, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills.
* Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision as well as in a team setting.
* Strong understanding of relational database concepts and designs.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.