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Salesforce Administrator

USA, Kansas


Salesforce Administrator


Job Responsibilities
  • Measure, monitor, and improve operational workflows in Salesforce
  • Work with analysts, end users, and engineering team to create integrated solutions
  • Document design and implement Salesforce solutions using standard configuration and following best practices including: field enhancements, views, reports, dashboards, validation rules, workflow rules, process builders, approval processes, campaigns and other SFDC objects and functions
  • Perform Salesforce administration functions
  • Provide day to day end user support
  • Understand Salesforce releases and new functionality to address ongoing business needs
  • Document best practices for salesforce administration, configuration, and development.
  • Manage data imports, continuously monitor, and improve data quality
  • Manage user roles, user profiles, hierarchies, groups and sharing rules in order to ensure proper SFDC sharing and security settings
  • Assumes other tasks and duties as assigned by management