newRef: 072722GDA

Salesforce Project Manager/ Business Analyst

USA, California

Job description

Salesforce Project Manager/ Business Analyst


Job Description:

We're looking to engage with an experienced Salesforce project manager to oversee the conversion of our CRM system from Oracle Sales Cloud. This will be more than a simple lift and shift. A big part of this implementation will be to review our internal processes and help establish appropriate change management steps for a successful implementation. We will be working directly with Salesforce and they'll provide a PM to manage their side of the project, but this role will be to work with that person and oversee the work internally within our business. As far as scope, we're a mid-level company with approximately $5B revenue and 15K+ employees. This will not be a standard implementation with an existing ERP system, but rather an integration with our own proprietary operational systems. In other words, it will be fairly complex. We are looking for a fulltime PM for approximately 9-12 months. We'd also expect this person to be able to travel to our headquarter during certain times of the project to meet with key stakeholders. This need will likely be higher at the beginning of the project, but could be a requirement in the future if the project is in jeopardy and facetime is needed. Our budget will be based on current market rates and the experience of the selected PM after further discussions with them.