Ref: 140721SF-1

Salesforce Architect - Immediate Start - REMOTE

England, London

Job description

Salesforce Architect - Immediate Start - REMOTE


Salesforce Technical Architect - Immediate Start - REMOTE - Rate Negotiable

A major international client of mine is urgently seeking a Salesforce Technical Architect to join an ongoing project.

The candidate will have 3-5 years of experience working as a Salesforce Technical Architect, ideally with Data Science experience and experience in the Oil and Gas industry.

Key Skills:

- Expertise in CRM projects
- Developer expertise in Salesforce
- Data Design and Architecting Skills for Salesforce Systems
- Proactive way of communication
- Experience in Requirements Engineering
- Interpreting sales funnel strategies to create data needs
- Managing a small team
- Preferred: Expertise of Oil & Gas organisation structure (e.g. previous projects)


- Right approach / tool choice: Produce solutions that focus on solving the needs of customer(s), e.g. service design / product acumen. Deep understanding of a wide range of commonly available Data Science approaches and tools and choose the right ones to solve the problem (avoiding "complexity / technology for complexity / technology sake"; "simple first"). Carry out deep-dive data analytics prior to starting any data science modelling.

- Scalability, reusability, maintenance: Build and maintain scalable and re-usable systems that can readily handle increased data volume and exceptions. Advocate for tech debt removal in addition to building new features. Improve the excellence of the immediate team by identifying areas of improvement and lead through execution (e.g. writing small scripts and sharing them with your team, adding documentation to existing services). Balance near term business needs with longer-term optimizations. Engage with the team and partners team to ensure work can be extended. Manage timings to bake in additional time for test coverage, documentation and work with software / data engineers to set up automated monitoring / alerting (if building programmatic solutions) before the project is released into production. Actively participate in tech debt removal. Maintain your work; and apply data science tools across the business as needed

- Architectural Design: Understand the physical architecture design for systems in the team's scope

- Data Domain Knowledge: Deep understanding in at least one data domain area within the business entity and awareness of related domains

- Stakeholder management: Proactively identify new project opportunities as a result of a deep understanding of stakeholder needs and pain points. Effectively pitch ideas to stakeholders.

- Standards and best practices: Provide leading insight of industry and technology trends and best practices. Advocate for data science best practices in the immediate area. Review others' work and ensure high quality and reproducibility standards are met. Advocate and adhere to data privacy and digital security standards (e.g. GDPR, Digital Security Policy, etc.) to ensure security of client data.

- Communication skills: Effectively communicate orally and in writing to a technical and non-technical audience

- Citizenship: Engage in honest conversations and encourage team members to ask questions and actively listen to concerns. Be inclusive and collect diverse set of opinions and ideas. Leverage own skills and experience to upskill others. Work with business partners across the wider team to implement continuous improvement opportunities to create safer operations, reduce cost, or other opportunities with data.

- Autonomy in problem identification and problem breakdown: Identify problems to be solved in the team / sub-area as a result of in-depth technical and business understanding. Understand vague and broad problems and break them down into actionable sub-problems and tasks.

- Business impact: Apply data & analytics strategies relevant to the business entity / enabler area

- Commercial Acumen: Utilize deep understanding of business operations and commercial factors to support decision-making in immediate scope.

- Values: Foster a culture that promotes and enables the client's values and behaviours.