Ref: a0M1i00000OvK1VEAV

Senior Support Engineer

USA, Ohio

Job description

Senior Support Engineer


Main Responsibilities:

Fulfilling Service Request: Change orders that pertain to codes

***Knows how to accept and execute Ticket Request (ServiceNow)

***BAU Requests: Onboardings and Off Boardings

***BAU Tasks required: Candidate must be able to execute Macro-Enabled Excel Templates, execute python script- understanding what it does and to execute script. How it works, review and validate to make sure it's working within Salesforce

***Ability to tweak codes in: Apex, LWC and Aura (not creating code, but ability to tweak and make adjustments)

Candidate Requirements:

***COMMUNICATION is the biggest requirement here, the candidate will be working directly with users and customers and must be able to articulate

***At least 3+ years of Salesforce Development (preferably an Admin or Sr. Admin who is ready to move into a Developer/Engineer role)

***Exposure to LWC and Aura (know how to manipulate code)

***Debugging/Troubleshooting: ability to identify "cracks in the ceiling (codes)"

***A go-getter: Someone who will try and solve a problem or bug first before asking for help

This is a great opportunity to enter their Engineer Team. Org is expanding across the board and there is a lot of potential to quickly rise through the ranks.

Fully Remote

3 Round Interview Process

1st: Gauge communication skills, resume review, introductory

2nd : Technical Round with 2 Engineers

3rd: Culture fit