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The Mason Frank Tech Academy is a two-year program that combines fully funded Salesforce Developer training and certifications with practical experience to give you the best start to your Salesforce career.

It’s estimated by independent IT research company IDC* that Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will drive the creation of 4.2 million new jobs by 2024. The biggest growth constraint businesses are facing is a lack of new talent. The Mason Frank Tech Academy was created to attract ambitious techies and transform them into skilled Salesforce Developers to lead on Salesforce projects around the world.

Mason Frank Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider

“Working in Salesforce was brand new for me. I have a background in web and application development, but being in the Tech Academy allowed me to specialise in a highly sought-after technology that’s embraced around the world. I now have a career in CRM development, which could take me anywhere!”

Andrew Chan, MFTA Developer now contracted to a luxury clothing brand

How does it work?


We recruit tenacious tech professionals with a background in IT or development.

You join an intensive nine-week training course, where Certified Salesforce Trainers deliver a classroom-based Salesforce-authorized education program, with practical exercises to bring you up to speed with the technology in a commercial environment.

After the initial training, you’re supported towards Salesforce certifications that will verify your skills and maximize your earning potential.

Once certified, we place you with Salesforce Partners and customers, enhancing your skillset and giving you that all-important blend of certifications and experience.

During the two years of employment, you’ll be continually mentored and supported by the MFTA Learning and Development team towards further training and certifications, as we build a customized development program for you.

After our two-year program, you can choose whether to take a permanent position or navigate the lucrative Salesforce contract market. Either way, we use our market experience to find you the ideal role in a reputable company that pays what you’re worth.

“While becoming a fully fledged Salesforce Developer in nine weeks seemed a little daunting from the outset, I was delighted by how transferrable my skills were given my background in web and games development. I’m now Platform Developer 1-certified, with plenty of options for my specialist route.”

Adam Davies, MFTA Developer now contracted to a Global Salesforce End User

Sahba Shabrokh

Meet Patryk Sowinski

Salesforce Developer at the Mason Frank Tech Academy

“Since joining the Mason Frank Tech Academy I’ve already attained 2 certifications and can see that my market rate has substantially increased. I know that when I get to the end of the course, I’ll finally be in a position to get on the property ladder, which has been the driving factor in my progression.”


Former game and application developer


Interested in growing as a developer, decided to pursue a Salesforce career after discovering numerous areas that the system branches out into


Passionate about delivering well-thought-out and intuitive projects, with clean, well-documented code solutions


Working in his first org in a small development team, giving him the experience of project requirement gathering, scoping, designing, testing and deploying


Specializes in Sales and Service Cloud and gained a significant amount of experience in Marketing Cloud through recent tasks


Experienced in data loading/querying and manipulation, as well as programmatic solutions for bulk operations


Actively working towards more certifications with a goal of becoming an Application Architect