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We help Salesforce customers and partners build low-cost, highly skilled in-house teams with ease. Hire our Salesforce Consultants today and start building your Salesforce team with less risk and better talent. 

“The Salesforce Consultants delivered by the Mason Frank Tech Academy (MFTA) are head and shoulders above those with the equivalent experience on the marketplace. I was pleasantly surprised by the calibre of candidates and agreed to hire around 90% of those we interviewed. MFTA Consultants consistently display real drive to advance and learn — their appetite for work is very refreshing.”

Hiring Manager at a Platinum Salesforce Partner

How does it work?

We find the best talent in the IT community and cross-train them to become the next generation of Salesforce MVPs. They’re valuable technical resources who are able to hit the ground running in any organization.

We give our Salesforce Consultants the best Salesforce-authorized training, delivered by certified Salesforce trainers to small classes. Our Salesforce Consultants receive ongoing education and support towards additional certifications over a two-year intensive development programme.

They’re matched with Salesforce customers and partners like you, providing a highly skilled, hardworking, passionate resource at a great rate. This allows you to build a strong pipeline of Salesforce resource, with the option to keep your favourite consultant at no extra cost.

“The Mason Frank Tech Academy is an excellent initiative, providing benefits to clients like myself and opportunities to driven Salesforce professionals who are eager to get involved and continually learn on any type of project. Our consultant has given us an extra dimension in our ability to support the ongoing demands of our customers.”

Jaff Jarvis, Manager IS at Finastra

Driving customer success

We’re working with a Salesforce Platinum Partner to deliver a team of 15 Admin-certified Salesforce Consultants. We’ve customized our training so they’re familiar with the client’s systems and processes, and our Salesforce Consultants are now supporting the countrywide roll-out of a new Salesforce system. The Partner has the flexibility to hand them back to the Mason Frank Tech Academy at the end of the contract, or continue to utilize them on further projects.

Sahba Shabrokh

Meet Sahba Shabrokh

Salesforce Technical Consultant at the Mason Frank Tech Academy

“The Mason Frank Tech Academy has opened me up to the Salesforce community and connected me with great companies in need of my skills. The experience I’ve gained from the numerous organisations I’ve worked with so far has exponentially increased the Salesforce know-how I can bring to businesses in the future.”


Former web and systems developer with over two years’ experience


Strong interest in CRM systems, decided to pursue a career in Salesforce


Has a passion of using the Salesforce platform to help businesses grow and succeed


Has worked in over six Salesforce orgs, giving him a wide range of experience in different industries, from investment banking to SaaS businesses


Specializes in maintaining and implementing Sales and Service Cloud Salesforce orgs


Experienced and skilled in developing and directing on Salesforce automation


Currently working as a tech consultant with one of the biggest Salesforce App Exchange Partners


Working towards a Developer certification while building his portfolio to become a Salesforce Technical Architect