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We help Salesforce customers and partners build low-cost, highly skilled in-house teams with ease. Hire our Salesforce Developers today and start building your Salesforce team with less risk and better talent.

“The developers delivered by the Mason Frank Tech Academy (MFTA) are head and shoulders above those with the equivalent experience on the marketplace. I was pleasantly surprised by the calibre of candidates and agreed to hire around 90% of those we interviewed. MFTA Developers consistently display real drive to advance and learn — their appetite for work is very refreshing.”

Hiring Manager at a Platinum Salesforce Partner

How does it work?

We find the best talent in the IT community and cross-train them to become the next generation of Salesforce MVPs. Our Salesforce Developers are valuable technical resources who are able to hit the ground running in any organization.

We give our Salesforce Developers the best Salesforce-authorized training, delivered by certified Salesforce trainers to small classes. Our Salesforce Developers receive ongoing education and support towards additional certifications over a two-year intensive development programme.

They’re matched with Salesforce customers and partners like you, providing a highly skilled, hardworking, passionate resource at a great rate. This allows you to build a strong pipeline of Salesforce resource, with the option to keep your favourite consultant at no extra cost.

Bespoke Salesforce Training Programs

We build bespoke training programs around the needs of your business. We can customize our hiring to find people with specific languages and technologies and then cross-train them to be proficient in key Salesforce skills such as JavaScript, Pardot or CPQ. We can also customize the initial training to incorporate elements of your on-boarding process. To find people with relevant 

Complete Flexibility or a Longer Term Partnership

A large Salesforce customer was looking for Salesforce Developers to integrate and customise their system. They were struggling with the expensive contract market, and subsequently were under-staffed and under-resourced. They’ve now partnered with Mason Frank Tech Academy to build an in-house team of 18–20 people in the next three years. The business is taking on new Salesforce Developers every quarter, so after 4 years they’ll have a wide spectrum of permanent in-house skills.

Sahba Shabrokh

Meet Patryk Sowinski

Salesforce Developer at the Mason Frank Tech Academy

“Since joining the Mason Frank Tech Academy I’ve already attained 2 certifications and can see that my market rate has substantially increased. I know that when I get to the end of the course, I’ll finally be in a position to get on the property ladder, which has been the driving factor in my progression.”


Former game and application developer


Interested in growing as a developer, decided to pursue a Salesforce career after discovering numerous areas that the system branches out into


Passionate about delivering well-thought-out and intuitive projects, with clean, well-documented code solutions


Working in his first org in a small development team, giving him the experience of project requirement gathering, scoping, designing, testing and deploying


Specializes in Sales and Service Cloud and gained a significant amount of experience in Marketing Cloud through recent tasks


Experienced in data loading/querying and manipulation, as well as programmatic solutions for bulk operations


Actively working towards more certifications with a goal of becoming an Application Architect