2025 Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide Survey Goes Live



This year’s Careers and Hiring Guide may still be shiny and new, but we never stop—which means the survey for our 2025 edition is already underway!

The survey is now live, offering professionals who work with, or hire talent for, Salesforce roles the chance to have their say on the community.

Whether that’s how to add value to your professional arsenal to what makes people leave (and stay) in their roles, the Careers and Hiring Guide is the largest independent study of its kind within the Ohana.

“The last few years have definitely changed the shape of how we work today,” said Kashif Naqshbandi, Chief Marketing Officer at Mason Frank. “The fluctuating human resource landscape has made it challenging for jobseekers and employers alike to understand how to get the right balance that suits both parties.”

“With the help of those embedded within the community, we can continue to produce reports that delve into the nuances of the Salesforce ecosystem, helping individuals to make more informed career decisions based on the latest platform trends, as well as employers of all sizes that are looking to shape their employer brand based on what employees expect from them.”

Our 2024 guide was the first year we moved the publication solely online—and we’re looking forward to making the 2025 edition even better. Covering hot topics including diversity, platform trends, and employee satisfaction, we need as many people to take part as possible to ensure the guide reflects the Salesforce community accurately.

That’s why, as ever, we’ve lined up some fantastic prizes to encourage people to take the survey. This year, we’ll hold three prize draws for Amazon gift cards while the survey is open:

  • One for $250 during the first month the survey is open
  • Then a draw for $150 during the second month
  • And finally a $100 prize will be drawn after the survey closes in Summer 2024.


So, the sooner you take part, the bigger the prize you stand a chance to win! If you work with Salesforce, or manage or hire Salesforce professionals, then we want to hear from you—the survey will take around 25 minutes of your time, is open now, and can be found here.

Take part in the survey for our 2025 Careers and Hiring Guide: Salesforce edition

For your chance to win one of THREE Amazon gift cards.