Celebrate the best of Salesforce with the Digital Revolution Awards!

The Digital Revolution Awards is now accepting nominations for its 2024 program, with categories that highlight the very best individuals and organizations from Salesforce and other cloud platforms. Whether that’s for creating innovative new solutions or giving back to the world, or the individuals leading their organizations to success or championing diversity. 

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Creating the perfect Salesforce profile for LinkedIn

No matter your wider opinion on social media, there’s no getting away from LinkedIn being a necessary part of the modern jobseeker’s weaponry. Gone are the days of posting out blanket resumes/CVs, replaced by an era (and platform) where employers can instead come to you.

The most misunderstood tech terms revealed (and explained)

Tech trends continue to emerge and evolve at a rapid pace, with new terms and phrases cropping up all the time. While many of the more niche, technical terms rarely appear outside of a tech industry context, there is plenty of digital-native language that permeates into the mainstream through news and media.

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