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    Digital Adoption Specialist

    Spain, Madrid

    • Negotiable
    • Account Managers Role
    • Skills: dap, digital adoption, walkme, whatfix, salesforce, sfdc, sharepoint
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    DAP Specialist | Content Developer

    Role & Responsibilities
    • Own the Release Notes process
    • Support Knowledge article updates
    • Develop consistent content and learning journeys for LMS, DAP, Knowledge
    • Provide back up for Support

    • Drive Release Notes process with Monthly releases
    • Connect with global and regional Product and Process owners to refine content and ensure content accuracy
    • Develop and update Knowledge base and Power User communication via SF and Sharepoint
    • Support DAP building activities as needed
    • Part of Knowledge Article publication process

    DAP Specialist | Knowledge Manager

    Role & Responsibilities
    • Lead the Knowledge Management process across ComHub tools
    • Develop Sales Cloud Knowledge Articles process
    • Maintain Sharepoint Knowledge base
    • Support DAP updates
    • Build knowledge base for Service Cloud
    • Point person for Gen AI adoption
    • Provide back up for Release Notes
    • Provide back up for Support

    Detailed Tasks:
    • Develop and update Sharepoint site to support Knowledge base and Power User communication
    • Support DAP building activities as needed
    • Update content for reliable knowledge base search
    • Connect with Regions and Businesses to centralize knowledge and share one common approach
    • Explore best ways to set up knowledge to drive Gen AI for Sales and Service clouds

    DAP Specialist | Trainer Agile Coach

    Role & Responsibilities
    • Deliver trainings to Power Users for Sales & Commerce Cloud
    • Agile coaching of ComHub teams
    • Refresher Training and LMS development
    • Case moderation support
    • Provide back up for Release Notes

    Detailed Tasks:
    • New content creation for Training and knowledge articles
    • Training event delivery connected to Roadmaps
    • New User Onboarding and training
    • Agile coaching / facilitation for ComHub teams to help drive implementations and process changes.
    • Owns Agile change processes and approach for all ComHub teams
    • Asking how to improve and optimize our agile processes to deliver more value
    • Part of Knowledge Article publication process
    • Expand model to ComHub tools

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