Salesforce MVPs 2020

Salesforce has announced its newest batch of MVPs for the class of 2020, and it contains a few familiar faces!

In recognition for their hard work and presence in the Salesforce community, 33 Salesforce professionals have been honored with the coveted MVP status, joining an elite list of some of the most notable techies utilizing Salesforce.

Salesforce MVPs are nominated by the community for exceptional contributions and commitment to helping others succeed. You just have to look at a few of the names on this list to get a feel for how influential these people are in helping others get educated, certified, and employed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Adrienne Cutcliffe

Aleks Milcic Radovanovic

Amanda Beard-Neilson

Amit Singh

Aviral Agrawal

Barb Dietz

Bill Corkill

Bianca Leon-Carter

Christine Marshall

Cyril Louis

Daniel Stange

Danielle Laffey

Doria Hamelryk

Eric Smith

Flor ‘Neil’ Buen

Gabriela Pedroni

Geoffrey Bessereau

Gina Marques

Jacob Brushafer

Manish Thaduri

Mariano Mazzeo

Narender Singh

Oleh Myktyn

Om Prakash

Rafael Hernandez

Sakthivel Madesh

Simon Gascoigne

Susannah St-Germain

Takahito Miyamoto

Tiffany Spencer

Vickie Jeffery

Yohan Kang

Zuzanna Jarczynska

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Marisa Hambleton Salesforce MVP

Marisa Hambleton



“The Salesforce MVP program is a reflection of the people and points of inspiration that make up the Salesforce community—being a Trailblazer and inspiring others to do the same!

“My top tip is to help others so that they can, in turn, help others, who will, in turn, help others. Recognition should never be the end game.”



Here are the 49 new Salesforce MVPs for 2019:

Jealous? We don’t blame you! Visit here to learn more about the eligibility and nomination process for Salesforce MVP status.

Aldo Fernandez

Aldo Force



“It’s an honor to be included in a list of great professionals with a big commitment to the community. I’m thankful. There’s a lot to do in Latin America regarding Salesforce practice (cultural and technical) and MVPs play an important role in that transformation.”




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Amit Singh

Amit is an an Application Architect and an Analytics and Lightning champion. Based in Noida, he’s the founder of SFDCPanther, leader of both the Faridabad Salesforce User Group and the Mulesoft user group.
Click here to congratulate Amit on achieving Salesforce MVP status

Aviral Agrawal

Aviral is the world’s youngest Salesforce MVP! Working at Dazeworks and a Quip Champion, Aviral is a food obsessive; but does his hunger for delicious food surpass his hunger for Salesforce knowledge?
Aviral Agrawal
Click here to congratulate Aviral on achieving Salesforce MVP status

Bianca Leon-Carter

Windy City-based Bianca is a three-times-certified Salesforce Consultant, a community leader, and a champion of diversity of inclusion. She’s the co-leader of RAD Women Code, and the Chicago Developers Group—she even produces a development podcast!
Bianca Leon-Carter
Click here to congratulate Bianca on achieving Salesforce MVP status

Cyril Louis

Swish, Swiss Cyril is a Lightning champion and a king of the slopes. He’s leader of the Saleforce Geneva User Group, and part of the SkiForce event team – he also looks good in a turtleneck.
Cyril Louis
Click here to congratulate Cyril on achieving Salesforce MVP status

Gabriela Pedroni

The gym-rat granny, Gabriela secured her MVP status after triumphantly leading the CA Women in Tech User Group, and co-Founding Perricia, a Salesforce consultancy. She also owns a coveted golden hoodie!
Gabriela Pedroni
Click here to congratulate Gabriela on achieving Salesforce MVP status

Narender Singh

Narender began his career as an electronics graduate, but moved into Salesforce where he became a community champion. His dedication to accruing and sharing knowledge has qualified him to speak at numerous community Salesforce events, and his blog continues to educate those at different stages of their learning journey.
Narender Singh
Click here to congratulate Narender on achieving Salesforce MVP status

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