Salesforce security specialist releases industry-first cloud visibility report



FairWarning 2018 Cloud Visibility Report

Businesses will now have an unprecedented look into how their peers are monitoring Salesforce, with FairWarning’s comprehensive 2018 Cloud Visibility Report.

The in-depth guide is designed as a blueprint for greater visibility, revealing best practices for enhancing security, usage and adoption, performance, and compliance in cloud applications.

The need for greater understanding of cloud security

Cloud technology is now its own animal. Businesses around the world are utilizing the cloud for data storage, where it can power highly functional CRM and ERP platforms.

Spending on cloud technology is forecasted to reach $160 billion in 2018 (a 23% increase over 2017), but with this demand for quick migrations and implementations, many organizations are left susceptible to security breaches, wasted resource, and data loss.

FairWarning’s Cloud Visibility Report was designed to provide insights into users’ activity in the cloud, using data from nearly 50 companies monitoring over 18,000 users.

Key findings include:

  • Among businesses monitoring for security, 36 percent are focusing on export activity, 22 percent on report activity and 19 percent on login activity.
  • API access and changes to security controls (e.g., whitelisting IP ranges or changing password policies) are emerging areas in security monitoring.
  • Twenty-seven percent of organizations focused on usage and adoption monitor the creation of objects as well as “top user” activity.
  • Performance-related monitoring is primarily focused around login status (i.e., failed/successful logins), with Visualforce page and Apex event monitoring growing as organizations find value in demonstrating and improving development ROI.

Kurt J. Long is the CEO of FairWarning, and believes that insights such as these are invaluable to businesses looking to inform their own cloud security protocols.

“The findings in our report highlight exactly how businesses are monitoring their cloud applications to gain insights into their Salesforce organization or other cloud applications.”

“What we find is that businesses use these insights to secure company data, streamline workflows and more easily meet compliance. In doing so, they help ensure trust between themselves, their workforce and their customers.”

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