Salesforce MVP program opens for nominations



Twice a year, Salesforce launches its MVP program to recognize and reward those in the Ohana who have shown passion, leadership, learning, and enthusiasm for their work and community alike.

This summer’s nominations for the Salesforce MVP program are open until August 7th 2017 and winners will have access to exclusive support forums, training programs, and networking working opportunities. The rewards on offer are second to none and give MVPs the opportunity to not only accelerate their expertise but also facilitate growth and knowledge sharing in the community.

The Salesforce MVP program is a great way to say thank you to the people that help you resolve problems, encourage you through your Salesforce certification, or share the best insight on the industry.

If you’d like to nominate someone from the Salesforce Ohana, you can do so via the Salesforce website.

Salesforce promotes remote job openings

Salesforce hires 150 remote workers

In a recent recruitment drive, Salesforce has announced they are looking to fill 150 internal remote positions. Although these jobs require some geographical match, the positions are spread across the US and promise an impressive benefits package, particularly centered around the interests of parents. Benefits include 26 weeks paid leave for primary care givers with 12 weeks for secondary carers, a gradual return-to-work program, and very generous Adoption support framework.

Remote working is nothing new for Salesforce. Remote Salesforce jobs are commonplace both internally and across customer networks.

Salesforce’s accommodation of employee needs is widely recognized as demonstrated through the company ranking 8th for the ‘best places to work, having made the list for an impressive nine years. It’s no surprise to hear their recent announcement in support of the growing remote working culture trend.

Salesforce’s State of Marketing report

Salesforce release state of marketing report

At the end of June, we saw the release of the Salesforce State of Marketing 2017 report which detailed key findings surrounding the growth of AI and the changing work of the marketer. Some of our highlights from the report include:

  • Research shows the highest performing marketers adopt customer journey strategy into their overall business goals, connecting each touchpoint and focusing around customer experience.
  • Top marketers have trust from company leaders, with 83% of top performers stating ‘their executive team is completely committed to supporting the overall marketing strategy’.
  • Over the next decade, technology will change the ways in which marketers work, in particular through the development of AI capabilities.

Salesforce stock value could double

Salesforce stock predicted to double over 3 years

Josh Spencer, a high investor in Salesforce, says he anticipates a serious growth in the value of his stock over the next three years. Spencer says that Salesforce has ‘fantastic top-line growth, a great management team, really well-positioned across cloud software with a number of different clouds that they offer and they’ve just put up the numbers for so long’.

Salesforce makes up approximately 15% of Spencer’s investments. Over the past 6 months, stock value has risen by over 26% with a current value of 89.67USD.

Increased value for Salesforce can result in positive effects across the community including growing number of jobs, increased exposure, and investment into the development of the sector as a whole.

Salesforce invests in startups

Salesforce pushes funds into tech startups

Salesforce is a big believer in investing in emerging tech startups and cultivating the wider industry. Their two most recent investments have seen money driven into Privitar and Appiphony. Privitar’s work is centered around data privacy whereas Appiphony create tools for improved app integration with Salesforce platforms

These startups are doing work which could potentially change how Salesforce Developers work. Although Privitar is focused on protecting the customer, Appiphony could revolutionize the integration process, making it more efficient and effective.

68% of Americans trust their financial advisor

Salesforce report on American's attitudes toward financial advisers

A new report carried out by Salesforce has found that over two thirds of Americans trust their financial advisor. The 2017 Connected Investor Report looks to better understand the communication between consumer and advisor, breaking down areas people feel misunderstood or struggle with miscommunication. Salesforce commissioned the report due to ‘the growing popularity of investors using both technology and human advice to achieve their financial goals’.

Some of the key findings from the report:

  • The highest demographic saving for retirement are Gen Xers at 43% and Baby Boomers at 37%. Millennials, on the other hand, are reportedly choosing to save for general expenses.
  • Baby Boomers are more confident about their investment options than Millennials.
  • 67% of Americans who use a financial advisor strongly or somewhat agree that they are concerned with how the market will be affected by the recent moves made by the Trump Administration

In summary

The main focus across the community this month is the summer’s Salesforce MVP program. Celebrating the people that contribute and support the Salesforce Ohana is one of the central pillars of the Salesforce vision. If you know of someone deserving of recognition, make sure you take the time to vote!

Having crossed the halfway point in the year, are our Salesforce predictions from the start of 2017 becoming a reality? What will the second half of the year bring for Salesforce and the wider technology community? We anticipate more jobs, further innovations, and the best Dreamforce we’ve seen yet.