Dreamforce 2019

Ahead of Salesforce’s flagship technology event, here’s everything you need to know about Dreamforce 2019.

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Every year, San Francisco experiences a literal takeover as Salesforce professionals from all around the world congregate to share knowledge, shape the future of their careers, and have fun! Dreamforce is Salesforce’s main event of the year, and no expense is spared when it comes to education, hospitality, and entertainment!

To help you learn more about the event, and to help you build your agenda for arguably the most grandiose tech conference of the year, here is an exploration of the schedule at Dreamforce 2019, highlighting key sessions by job role and technology, as well as some of the frequently asked questions around Salesforce’s premiere event.

Mason Frank 2020 Salary Survey launch

We’re launching our brand new Mason Frank Salary Survey at Dreamforce 2019. It’s the largest independent exploration of Salesforce market trends, culture, and salaries, and this year we have more responses than ever! Be sure to pick up a free copy at booth 307 – in the meantime, download the 2019/20 edition.

Mason Frank International

Dreamforce 2019 schedule — build your agenda

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Ashley McAlpin FormAssembly

“Dreamforce is always an amazing week-long experience. From meeting customers and partners, to learning about the latest and greatest Salesforce improvements, we are always excited to be a part of such an amazing ecosystem! This year, with the changing data security and privacy landscape, FormAssembly has an opportunity to really emphasize our dedication to enabling secure and compliant data collection in a way that encourages our customers to be good stewards of the data entrusted to them.”

Ashley McAlpin, Director of Marketing, FormAssembly

What date is Dreamforce 2019?

The dates for Dreamforce 2019 are November 19–22, 2019. This is slightly later in the year than normal, as the event usually takes place in September or October. Fortunately, California is just as beautiful going into winter, so this shouldn’t make much difference!

Where is Dreamforce 2019?

It’s a tradition that Dreamforce is held in California, an ideal location given the depth of tech professionals in the area. The official venue for Dreamforce 2019 will once again be The Moscone Center. Here are some detailed directions for getting to the Moscone Center.

How does registration for Dreamforce 2019 work?

Registration for Dreamforce 2019 is now open! You’ll need a Salesforce account to register, and you’ll also have the opportunity to apply any organizational or promotional discounts you may be entitled to.


Salesforce security specialist FairWarning unveiled its industry-first Cloud Visibility Report at Dreamforce last year.

Click here to find out what the FairWarning team is looking forward to at DF19

“Dreamforce resets the conference bar each year by bringing the world’s best and brightest CRM minds together for a week-long experience. The energy with so many customers, partners, and market leaders in one place along with the ability to learn about the latest from Salesforce, it’s truly an amazing conference and we’re proud to be a Salesforce partner! This year, with the increased focus on security and compliance across all industries, FairWarning is excited to help provide the visibility and early detection to potential misuse of data across all of your Salesforce orgs.”
Chris Whitmore, Regional Vice President

“I’m eager to see the future of the platform and ecosystem firsthand, but I’m most excited to get inspired by other awesome admins and progress further in my architect journey. Dreamforce has an overwhelming energy of encouragement and collaboration that I can’t wait to get back to.”
Tommy Strickland, Senior Salesforce Administrator

“I’m looking forward to attending Dreamforce as a first timer with the opportunity to meet new connections, learn, and share my new found knowledge with my FairWarning Team and customers to contribute to their success.”
Danny Schoenberg, Cloud Security CSM

“Looking forward to the Future taking Stage at Dreamforce 2019 and meeting with our wonderful customers and helping new prospects to radically simplify Salesforce Data Security and Governance.”
Bethany McComeskey, Manager, Technical Services – Cloud Security

How much do tickets for Dreamforce 2019 cost?

A full conference pass for Dreamforce 2019 costs $2,299, but it’s worth looking into the type of discounts you can get for this event — you may be eligible for a partner or organization discount (if you’re a non-profit, for example). There are also different options for members of the press or event sponsors to attend, so don’t pay full price if you fall into this category!

Salesforce head honcho, Marc Benioff, has also been known to post discount codes on his Twitter account shortly after event registration opens. Keep an eye on his Twitter account over the coming months!

Are there any official Dreamforce 2019 hotels?

While Dreamforce is a little pricey for a tech event, the cost is nothing compared to what your hotels could amount to. Remember that this is San Francisco, California, and the cost of living may be a lot higher than you’re accustomed to.

While there are plenty of AirBnBs close to the Dreamforce complex, Salesforce has released a list of hotels with which they’ve negotiated a special rate for Dreamforce attendees, and these tend to be in the local area so are good for accessibility. Here’s the list of official hotels for Dreamforce 2019.

If a commute to and from the event isn’t a big deal for you, there’s no harm in staying outside of the city center, as the public transport links are great. Dreamforce-approved hotels also provide transport to and from the event, making it easier for you to roll out of bed and be on the way to Dreamforce without any hustle or bustle.

“Dreamforce is an amazing experience and we’re proud to be sponsoring for the sixth time. Whether it’s meeting with customers and partners, speaking on testing topics or joining a party or two, we’re so excited to celebrate with the amazing Salesforce community. This year, with the growing emphasis on Continuous Delivery and Salesforce DX, we’re also looking forward to announcing innovations in our own testing tool to ensure customers can make their testing happen whenever and wherever they want.”

Hetty Boardman-Weston, Head of Marketing, Provar Testing

Hetty Boardman-Weston

How do I get to Dreamforce 2019?

Salesforce has a habit of taking over San Fran in Salesforce week, and this year will be no different. If you aren’t staying in the local area, San Francisco’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system can take you directly to Powell St. Station, which is just a short walk away from the Moscone Center. You’ll likely be greeted by Salesforce branding as soon as you leave the station!

As previously mentioned, there’s also a free shuttle bus on offer at all of the Dreamforce-approved hotels (provided that you stay in the hotel, of course.)

Wes Nolte SalesTrip
Wes Nolte
CTO at SalesTrip


Click here to find out what SalesTrip CTO Wes Nolte is looking forward to at Dreamforce 2019

“This year I’d like to see the integration of Tableau Analytics top of the Dreamforce agenda. Whereas Einstein is the cool, (relatively) new kid on the block, Tableau is a hugely successful analytics solution that owns roughly 18% of the BI market share. I’m particularly interested in how Salesforce will position these two tools to customers.

“In the world of corporate travel, we’re striving to provide businesses with greater intelligence on what return they can expect from travel spend, enabling them to make smarter decisions on whether travel is warranted and ultimately, deliver better traveller experiences. What Tableau brings to the analytic capabilities of the Salesforce platform will only help us to serve our customers better with our vision of turning travel and expense spend into a strategic tool for company executives.

“Personally, I’m excited for the inaugural Architects stream in the conference agenda – and hope there’s a balance of technical innovation with practical guidance!”

What band is playing at Dreamforce 2019?

Who could forget Metallica’s performance at Dreamforce 2018? That was, of course, after it was revealed the band uses Marketing Cloud to connect with its fanbase—pretty cool!

When Salesforce waited until late October to announce the headliner of Dreamfest 2019, expectations weren’t high. Shame on anyone who doubted them, however, as Dreamforce attendees will be treated to a set from Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, Fleetwood Mac!

Is there an agenda/schedule for Dreamforce 2019?

There sure is! Dreamforce is renowned for its volume of insightful sessions and workshops, and 2019 is no exception. There’ll be over 3,500 sessions across the four-day event, and while we’ll be breaking them down by technology and job role below, here’s a full list of the sessions that are already confirmed.

Who are the speakers at Dreamforce 2019?

Dreamforce has a reputation for its guest speakers, but this year they decided to scale things down a bit. They ended up opting for a modest lineup including President Barack Obama, Apple CEO Tim Cook, World Cup and Olympic Champion Megan Rapinoe, and Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

Any word yet on Dreamforce 2020?

Believe it or not, the dates are already confirmed! Dreamforce lands in San Francisco on week commencing November 9 2020, and is expected to take over the Moscone Center in similar fashion to previous years. That’s all the info we have so far, but keep your eyes peeled on social media for registration opening early next year!

And finally…

What are the best Dreamforce 2019 parties?

It may come as no surprise that Salesforce professionals like to work hard and play hard, and closer to the event you’ll start to hear of all sorts of shindigs hosted by companies and user groups alike. It’s up to you to choose which party takes your fancy, whether that decision is determined by the best networking opportunities, your area of focus, or even the widest selection of cocktails. Here are a few of our picks from the week:

Ladies Be Architects

Happy hour, anyone? In Ladies Be Architects’s second Dreamforce party, they’ll be celebrating recently being granted official non-profit status as well as showcasing the success stories of fellow architects. They’ll even be heading to the PepUp Tech karaoke night after, so make sure you come armed with at least one strong performance, and maybe a backup in case someone chooses your song before you.

Simplus Power Up Party

The good folks over at Simplus got in touch with us about their Power Up party on Dreamforce Monday. Hosted at Cityscape at the top of Hilton Union Square, you can combine stunning views of San Francisco with drinking and dancing for a brilliant start to your week.


Zennify is a platinum Salesforce consulting partner, and may be hosting the classiest Dreamforce party of 2019. Taking place on Dreamforce Tuesday at Black Cat, a swanky cocktail lounge, there’s never been a better opportunity to talk custom objects while listening to live jazz. Business and pleasure, you know?


This is the crown jewel of the Salesforce party scene, and the best part is that everyone’s invited—all you need to get in is to flash your badge. The concert, in aid of Benioff Children’s Hospitals, is set to be headlined by one of the most notorious and universally loved bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac. Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise…

WalkMe Party

Hosted at Temple Night Club on Howard Street, WalkMe’s party on Tuesday 19 November features two live DJs, an open bar, and a special appearance from Ido B, the saxophonist phenomenon—that’s pretty cool! Be sure to RSVP early to attend the 5th annual WalkMe Party at Dreamforce.

Amy Osmond Cook Salesforce Dreamforce


“I am excited to meet, collaborate with, and learn from other customers and partners in the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Amy Osmond Cook Ph.D, CMO of Simplus

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for Salesforce Consultants

ABCs of Einstein Prediction Builder

20 November, 3pm

Moscone West, Room 2004

Einstein is the most exciting Salesforce module on the market, and is soon to be integrated with all core Salesforce products to offer educated insights across the entire platform. This session features a technical walkthrough of Einstein Prediction Builder, to help you get started with AI on Salesforce.

What is Einstein Prediction Builder? Learn here.

Get started with Einstein Prediction builder on Trailhead.

Mastering Digital Transformation: Create Your Roadmap and Strategy for Success

20 November, 10am

City View at Metreon, Level 4 | Yellow Brick Road Theatre

As we venture further into the fourth industrial revolution, businesses are gradually reaching their own tipping point on digital transformation. It’s understandable; digital transformations can be long, arduous, and expensive. This session explores the Success Cloud North Star Report on digital transformation to suggest ways you can help your organization beat the curve.


“We’re excited about this year’s Dreamforce. We’ll be meeting with manufacturers, distributors, and supply chain organizations to discuss the role our cloud ERP can play in their plans for digital transformation.”

Tom Brennan Rootstock

“Many of these companies are experiencing rapid growth and drastic changes to their business models, surpassing the capabilities of their current legacy ERP systems. Dreamforce is where they can see first-hand the benefits that a modern, one cloud Rootstock and Salesforce solution can deliver. Combined ERP with CRM capabilities on the Salesforce Platform will empower companies to optimize efficiency, better serve customers and obtain a 360° view of their business that can spur continued growth and expansion.”

Tom Brennan, Chief Marketing Officer, Rootstock Software

In A Commercial Enviro

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for Salesforce Administrators

Automated Testing for Admins

20 November, 2pm

Hilton Union Square, Plaza Ballroom A (Lobby Level)

There’s planning, there’s doing, and then there’s testing. Guess which one the average Salesforce Admin looks forward to the least? It doesn’t have to be that way, however, which is why this session will explore essential info around automated testing, made possible through the Winter ’19 release.

Mason Frank Duck

Could you be a career Salesforce tester…
If you enjoy testing, did you know some Salesforce contracts revolve around this?

Check out our latest Salesforce contract roles.

Improve Customer Service using Reports and Dashboards

20 November, 2pm

Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena Salon 13

Salesforce is an extremely functional platform for those with a technical understanding, but arguably its advanced reporting features are what has made the technology so successful. A non-expert can use Salesforce to quickly and efficiently analyze business data, identify trends, and inform their future sales strategies. This session explores tips, tricks, and best practices to build super useful Salesforce dashboards.

How to Build Training Plans That Drive User Adoption

20 November, 12:50pm

Hilton Union Square, Trailhead Academy Theatre

Salesforce is the market leader by a long stretch, but the software is only effective if your sales staff utilize it correctly. Encouraging other members of the business to make the most of the CRM involves understanding their needs, pain points, and nice-to-haves. This session explores how to make Salesforce user adoption more realistic through intelligent training plans.

A Criss Cross Crash Course in Cross Filters

19 November, 08:30am

Moscone West, Admin Theater

Cross filters are very handy in Salesforce; they allow you to loop in report filter criteria from a nearby object for data analysis. If you’ve ever had to export separate reports and filter the results of one using data from the other, you’ll be pleased to learn that this can all be done directly in Salesforce with just a few clicks, saving you the hassle. The session’s presenter, 5x Certified Salesforce Pro Evan Ponter, has told us more:

Evan Ponter Hostelling International Salesforce

“Dreamforce is a great atmosphere to explore new solutions and dive deep into features you may not be familiar with. There are tons of sessions on every topic imaginable – from reporting tips and tricks, to admin-friendly automation patterns, to learning about the latest frameworks for lightning components, and so much more!

“I’ll be presenting A Criss Cross Crash Course in Cross Filters, which showcases applying complex filter criteria to reports in order to cross reference values from related objects. Spend some time searching through the session listings on the agenda builder to zero in on the topics you want to learn about the most.”

Evan Ponter, CRM Product Manager at Hostelling International

A Background in IT

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for Salesforce Developers

Become a Certified Platform Developer

19 November, 9am

Moscone West, Surfside Theater

Belinda Adams is Senior Credential Developer at Salesforce, and in this session she’ll be talking you through the hooks and crooks of the Platform Developer I certification using Trailhead.

Einstein Roadmap Including Einstein Search

20 November, 10.30am

Moscone West, Room 2006

They may have been saying this for the last 6 years, but AI search technology really is set to take over—we’re already seeing that Amazon Alexa and Google Home are standing the test of time, and with Einstein Voice, Salesforce is really nailing its colors to the mast. Einstein product leaders will also be performing live demos and taking questions—here’s your chance to get all the answers you need.

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for Salesforce Marketers

Anatomy of a content strategy: 6 steps to killer content

19 November, 2:30pm

Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate – Sequoia Theater

Content marketing is an essential part of a digital PR strategy. It’s not just about creating killer content, but learning how to work with others in your vertical and increase search visibility in the process. Here’s a little from session leader Ruthie Miller on what the workshop entails…

Ruthie Miller

“Dreamforce is an awesome way to get expert tips and advice from outgoing people that are ready to help. I’m speaking in sessions on content marketing and SEO, and we’re really trying to make the information as useful and practical as possible.”

Ruthie Miller, RJM Creative

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for Sales Cloud

 Everyone Wins with a New Resourcing Model for Net New Talent 

20 November, 3:20pm

Hilton Union Square, Trailhead Academy Theater

Join Mason Frank Tech Academy (MFTA) and Trailhead to hear about the latest innovation in resourcing outstanding talent in a candidate short market. Through a fully customized program, MFTA is accelerating time-to-Ranger and Salesforce Certifications, producing new talent at scale. You’ll benefit from this session whether you’re in need of growing your Salesforce team, or if you’re a candidate, looking for a proven program that accelerates time-to-hire.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Salesforce Org

21 November, 1:30pm

City View at Metreon, Level 4

Anyone using Sales Cloud in a sales-oriented organization will appreciate the issues that come with data hygiene, process management, and user adoption. This session takes a prevention-over-cure approach to Salesforce optimization, giving you practical and actionable tips to streamline your Sales Cloud instance.

Best Practices for Successful Inside Sales Teams

20 November, 10am

Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena Salon 10–12

Sales Cloud may be the number one sales-oriented CRM product in the world, but it won’t close deals for you on its own. Your sales team needs to be well-trained and -drilled, both in your specific products and services and the wider sales process. This session features a team of sales experts sharing their insights on talent acquisition, training, and retention to help you build a superstar sales team.

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for Marketing Cloud

Become a Social Listening Master

21 November, 10am

Palace Hotel, Ralston

Modern marketing isn’t about just inbound and outbound—you also have to be conscious of online reputation management, particularly when there are active discussions about your brand on social media. This session explores how, using Marketing Cloud, you can stay on top of all mentions of your brand and use these insights to improve business processes, as well as boost your PR!

20 Best Practices for Email Marketing

20 November, 1pm

Palace Hotel, Discovery Theater

Whether you’re using Marketing Cloud, Pardot, or even a third-party email client, there are clear dos and don’ts of email marketing. And in this world where data privacy is paramount to all marketing efforts, you need to be prepared to comply with any regional regulations that could see you hit with a hefty fine! This session explores everything from strategy to technical deliverability, and is a must for both fledgling and experienced email marketers.

The Brain Tumour Charity Engages in Real-Time and Saves Lives

20 November, 9am

Westin St. Francis, Tower Salon A

Brain Tumours are the biggest cancer killer for under 40s, but receive less than 2% of funding into cancer research. This session from The Brain Tumour Charity will detail how the organization harnesses the power of Salesforce to further the cause of research into curing brain tumours for good.


“At Dreamforce I’ll be delivering a presentation on how Salesforce products are being used to extend life. The Brain Tumour Charity is the world’s leading brain tumour charity and the largest dedicated funder of research into brain tumours globally.

Sarah Lindsell Salesforce The Brain Tumour Charity

“This session is a must attend for those working in a non-profit organization, or those looking to learn how they can assist local non-profits using Marketing Cloud and Interaction Studio to engage with both charity donors and beneficiaries.”

Sarah Lindsell, CEO at The Brain Tumour Charity

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for Service Cloud

How Salesforce Uses Service Cloud to Deliver World-Class Customer Support

20 November, 4:30pm

Metreon AMC Theatres, Level 3 – Theater 14

You may have a clear idea of how your business uses Service Cloud to deliver exceptional customer experienced, but how does a technology giant like Salesforce do the same? This session is by Salesforce, about Salesforce, at Dreamforce, so you really couldn’t get any closer to the horse’s mouth unless you were feeding it carrots.

6 Secrets for Service Cloud Success

19 November, 3:15pm

Moscone West, Coastline Theater

Guest speaker Richard Clark from Provar testing delivers a presentation on declarative and apex solutions to help deliver efficient process automations on Salesforce Service Cloud.

Dreamforce 2019 sessions for the Lightning Platform

5 Things You Can Now Do with Lightning Web Components

19 November, 11.45am

Moscone West, Trailhead Zone Platform

This workshop will take you through five ways Lightning Web Components (LWC) can transform your productivity as a web developer.

Lightning Experience is here, what now?

21 November, 8am

City View at Metreon, Level 4 | Lion’s Lightning Lair

This session will fill you in an how to make simple updates to Salesforce in your business to make Lightning Experience more than simply a new user interface for staff members,.

Salesforce Einstein


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