The most misunderstood tech terms revealed (and explained)

Tech trends continue to emerge and evolve at a rapid pace, with new terms and phrases cropping up all the time. While many of the more niche, technical terms rarely appear outside of a tech industry context, there is plenty of digital-native language that permeates into the mainstream through news and media.

Is burnout on the rise for Salesforce professionals?

While many employers have increased their focus on mental health and employee wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic, the latest Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide has revealed that many professionals still have a workload that is leading them to burnout.

Introducing: The Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide

After months of anticipation across the community, the newly rebranded Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: Salesforce Edition has launched. Replacing the annual salary surveys, the Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide is now an even bigger and more in-depth study of the ecosystem and professionals that work in it.

Salesforce jobs by location