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Creating the perfect Salesforce profile for LinkedIn

No matter your wider opinion on social media, there’s no getting away from LinkedIn being a necessary part of the modern jobseeker’s weaponry. Gone are the days of posting out blanket resumes/CVs, replaced by an era (and platform) where employers can instead come to you.

REVEALED: The top soft skills Salesforce hiring managers are looking for in candidates

With demand for Salesforce skills still far outstripping supply, many hiring managers looking to fill tech roles within their organizations are taking a more flexible approach to sourcing new talent. With this in mind, we decided to examine at the kinds of soft skills tech leaders are looking for in potential candidates, beyond just a knowledge of Salesforce.

Is burnout on the rise for Salesforce professionals?

While many employers have increased their focus on mental health and employee wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic, the latest Mason Frank Careers and Hiring Guide has revealed that many professionals still have a workload that is leading them to burnout.

Becoming a Salesforce Marketeer

There has never been a better time to become a Salesforce marketeer. The pandemic has caused businesses to quickly shift their marketing strategies to embrace the digital experience, which has led to us seeing a sharp uptick in businesses seeking to implement marketing automation as they make the move to digital.

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